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There are several ways to convert PDF to word/rtf

1, Gmail Mail the PDF to Gmail as an attachment and open the mail again. You could find two options like View as HTML and Download. Choose to view the attachment as html and then you could copy all the content to a blank word file. Because the PDF file may contain pictures and forms .The Gmail deal with forms well but not good with images.

2, by software PDF Converter PDF to Word Doc is a solid converter to convert PDF file to DOC (RTF) file readable by Microsoft office. During conversion, all files (including text, image, table and etc) are export to a newly produced word document. Moreover, the output files keep the same quality with the original files, you can edit the created Word document easily. PDF to Word software doesn't associate with Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Office. Benefits: • Convert PDF files into Microsoft Word and RTF formats; • Convert entire document or only a specific page range; • Convert PDF documents to word formats, Fast, Accurate; • Retain original page layout; • Batch conversion of multiple PDF documents to word files; • Support drag and drop of files; • Create full layout Word document and text only Word document; • Support conversion from encrypted PDF files and password protected documents.

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